Senin, 07 April 2014


Once upon a time, there is a girl that falling in love with the most famous bachelor in town. She is beautiful. But she is so shy to expressing her love to the boy. She is wondering, whether the boy has the same feeling for her or not. But she never confessing her feeling to the bachelor.

One day, she heard a news that spread in town crazily. That bachelor is going to marry a woman. A woman who is his bestfriend. She is heartbroken That girl is went crazy.

She became very dark. Cut off her beautiful hair. And doing something evil, she joined with her dark side. She starts studying witchcraft, something that she always never do. She always has that hateful glare to the woman.

And someday she killed that woman. Since that, she can't comeback to her old cheerful self. There is no turning point for her. She is now officially become a witch and the people outcasted her from the town.

 -The End-

How is it? Hehehe.. I am trying to make this goth look someday and that story suddenly come to me. Not every girl met their happy ending. Sometimes they can't be with the one that they love. But I believe Allah knows what is better for us. What is more compatible for us. Maybe that guy is not our destined one. Even if we love him a lot! For me, it is okay to mourning, crying if that guy choose another girl over me. The next is your choice to keep on this one guy or moving on. Because there are still a lot of guy better! When I am heartbroken, I usually take time to stay away from that guy. I don't want to discuss him at all. Because I believe someday at one point I'll know that he is not the one for me. How silly me running towards him. That is what always happen to me.
And yeah, I cut off my hair. Because my activity is getting crazier. And I don't have time to nurturing my hair. I even sometimes don't wash my hair for 3 days. Yeah, I know, it is soooo disgusting. Even I hate my hair that time. So I cut it off. For me hair is not a big deal. People will still love you if you have a good heart, even if your hair is bad, your face is not pretty. So it is all started with heart.
Okay, so this is my make up list to make that look:

So, what do you think? See ya!

Rabu, 05 Maret 2014

Early March Haul

I am not kinda a big spender, because usually I tend to use one particular make up until it's last drop. I always though, "why I must buy another brand while I already has the same type? It's such a waste..". And besides that reason, because there are 3 young girls in my house, we always share our make up, shoes, or even clothes! So yeah, sometimes I just borrowing my sister's make up, because I am not using make up daily. Just on special occasion!
I have 2 sisters, one with warm undertone, and the other with cool undertone. As for me, god bless me with neutral undertone, so yay for neutral as I can use their make up both!
And as for buying skincare product, I am not gonna change my skincare regime as I already tried it and it is failed. And to make my face back to fit is hard and takes time. So I am never gonna try any skincare. Finger crossed.
One day my sister is gonna buy new lip tint, because hers is emptied. I just though, why don't I buy some new stash? Like my BB cream and lip tint were emptied too! Besides, the shipping fee is gonna be cheaper to almost free if you buy a lot. So here it is the haul:

 I bought it from Chis Princessa. They bubble wrapped it and put a fragile sign in the box.

 And here it is my haul:
  1. Etude House's Any Cushion in W24, Color Lips Fit in PPK03, Color Pop Shine Tint no. 5, and a Green Tea mask as freebies.
  2. The Face Shop's Lovely Meex Pastel Cushion Blusher Pastel Cushion Blusher : No 4 Pink Cushion
  3. Tony Moly's Backstage Gel Eyeliner : No 1
  4. The Skinfood's Rice Concealer : No 23 Natural
Mine is only any cushion, color lips fit, and concealer. and the others are my sister's.

Okay, that is my recently haul. What product do you recently buy?

Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

Hello? Is there any beauty blogger out there?

Hi, pals! You know, that famous korean "Get It Beauty" show? I love watching it as it gives me a lot of new information, tips, and tutorial about korean make up. And you can watch it with english sub in ibuybeauti's youtube channel. And that is the first time I know about ibuybeauti.

Ibuybeauti is a seller that selling korean make up and skincare! It's shipping worldwide too. Too bad I never bought from her, because yeah you know, to buy from international seller you have to have a credit card minimal. And I am just a student and my dad's not that type who have credit card. You know, that kinda old fashioned guy, that is my dad! And buying from reseller from my country sometimes the price is a lil' bit higher than the price tag.

Yeah, if I am already have a settled job, I might be make a credit card and can shopping from international seller in the future!

Anyway, stop blabbering. Now I want to inform you that Ibuybeauti is looking for 10 beauty bloggers to be their reviewer! They called it as "Beautifan". And they'll divided beautifan into some catagories, and their job is to make review to make a customer easier to decided whether to buy the product or not.

As you can see from the picture above, here it is the details:

Wanted: 10 Beauty Bloggers
Application period: February 3-18
Responsibility: review products from Ibuybeauti.com
How to apply: send an email to beautifanblog@gmail.com with the following info:
Skin type:
Blog address:
Best beauty review link:
Self introduction:
Well that's all to be said from this program. May the luck is within us! ^^ Byee!

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