Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Are you sure you are my friend?

Maaf banget kali ini aku mau curcol. Habis udah cerita ke my best friend masih tetep ngeganjel di hati. Jadi blog sebagai jurnal aku, aku manfaatkan untuk curcol hari ini. Buat yang nggak tertarik silahkan close halaman ini.
Semester ini karena udah mulai peminatan, aku dan teman-temanku banyak beda matakuliah. Ada 4 peminatan di teknik elektro UNJ, pembangkit, instalasi, transmisi/distribusi, dan otomasi. Teman-temanku banyak yang ambil instalasi dan otomasi. Aku memberanikan diri berjalan nggak sesuai teman-teman tapi sesuai hati, aku ambil pembangkit. Belum lagi aku mengambil mata kuliah yang nilaiku masih belum B atau A. Aku orangnya perfeksionis,  jadi kalau ada nilai C aku ulang mata kuliahnya. Makin banyak lah perbedaan antara aku dan teman-teman aku.
Ada sebuah mata kuliah Penggunaan dan Pengaturan Motor (PPM) yang merupakan mata kuliah praktik. Karena jadwal PPM di kelas aku bentrok dengan mata kuliah yang sedang aku ulang dan mata kuliah peminatan, aku mengambil kuliah PPM di kelas lain bersama teman ku, sebut saja A karena A juga mengulang mata kuliah yang sama denganku, Rangkaian Listrik (RL).
Setiap aku diberi info kuliah sama adik kelas yang bareng kuliah RL aku selalu sampaikan ke A kabarnya. Aku selalu sms dia. Dan kalau ada perubahan jam kuliah, aku selalu mempertimbangkan dia.
Setiap aku sms A, dia nggak pernah bales. Awalnya aku masih maklum, mungkin dia nggak punya pulsa. Lalu ada perubahan jadwal PPM yang berubah dan perlu dikonformasi aku bisa atau nggaknya, saat aku perlu dia untuk diskusi, dia nggak balas sms aku. Padahal kemarin saat aku sms dia dimana? Tiba-tiba kami ketemu saat baru aku send smsnya. Dan smsnya baru sampai ke dia saat kami sedang mengobrol. Dan dia BALAS sms itu dengan "di samping lo"! (sumpah itu nggak penting banget) Dia bilang dia punya pulsa hanya untuk emergency. Coba deh, lebih penting mana bales smsnya!?
Dan saat aku temui dia di kampus, dia hanya ketawa-ketawa aja. Dia bilang dia mau ikut yg teman-teman sekelas aja, nggak mau yg kelas lain. Padahal jam segitu aku ada kuliah peminatan! Akhirnya aku nggak masuk kelas PPM hari itu yang bareng teman sekelasku. Jelas aku ketinggalan 1 kali praktik kan? Dan aku mau tetap masuk kelas yang lain aku nggak punya partner, karena awalnya partner aku ya si A. Dan kelompok yg kelas lain itu sudah pas.
Bener-bener deh itu bikin aku nangis! Sekarang aku bingung mau gimana. Ikut yang kelas aku bareng sama A, aku sudah ketinggalan satu kali masuk dan belum lagi aku harus kuliah peminatan. Mau ikut yang kelas lain aku nggak ada partnernya. Rasanya tuh pengen nangis. Dia begitu jahat nggak peduli sama aku. Egois hanya memikirkan dirinya sendiri. Padahal selama ini aku selalu baik sama dia, selalu mempertimbangkan dirinya sebelum membuat keputusan tentang kuliah yang bareng sama dia. Dia selalu mengeluhkan temanku yang egois hanya memikirkan diri sendiri dan sekarang dia yang seperti itu. Belum lagi betapa pelitnya dia sama pulsa! Balas sms paling hanya 150 rupiah kan?! Apa sulitnya coba?
Aku jadi bingung apa yang harus aku lakukan. Aku bukan tipe yang suka konfrontasi dan cari ribut sama dia. Apa yang harus aku lakukan?

Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

March Giveaway List

 1. Dawndugong's 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway
 photo giveawaycopy_zps284bb821.jpg
For celebrating her 1 year blogging anniversary (April 29th), she is holding a giveaway which will give you:

First prize will include:
- Either Stila 'In The Know' Palette, 'In The Moment' Palette' or 'In The Garden' Palette. (Stila 'In The Light' Palette is currently unavailable on Beautybay, however if it is available for purchase when this giveaway closes, the winner will be able to choose this as their prize) - Plus the choice of any TWO Stila Color Balm Sticks

Second prize includes:
- The choice of any TWO Stila Color Balm Sticks

It opens internationally! :D You can join here!


This giveaway will give you:

2 Vaseline Lip Balms, 
2 Face Q Face masks
1 My Beauty Diary Face mask

2 Khadi Soaps
5 Lip Smackers flavored Lip Balms

1 ice cream lip balm 
2 Konad Nail Art Stickers
2 Khadi soaps
 It is open internationally and you can join here!
3. Glory Chen's 2nd Mini Giveaway

 ღ PRIZES 1 MUA New Undress Me Too Palette 1 Etude Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails 1 Etude Sweet Recipe Candy Stick 1 Etude Collagen Moistfull Trial Kit 1 Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Cream Sample 1 Cute Design Nails  1 Cute Red Ribbon Earrings

It is open for Indonesian Residents only and you can join here

4. Cominica Beauty Giveaway
One of my fave blog is holding her giveaway! Though the prize is not new (she just use it as review) but freebies is still freebies right? XD It is open internationally and you can join here.

5. Sashimi Dolly First Anniversary Giveaway
 She is holding a giveaway in here. It is open internationally! Let' join! ^^

6. Ina's Birthday Otakus Giveaway Series
First Series:

Ina is holding a giveaway series in order to celebrate her birthday. The first one is skincare series, you can get iWhite Korea gift pack. You can check here to join the skincare series.

Second Series:
The second series is eyes series, which will give you some eye essentials as in the picture. You can join here.
Third Series:
The prizes are:
♥ JML Wet Straight Pro Flat Iron
♥ Gypsy Stix Hair Chalk
♥ Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Mist
♥ Etude House Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask
♥ Etude House Hot Style Bangs Cut Kit
 ♥ Etude House Hot Style Bangs Heat Rays Pink Roll
You can joining in here.
Don't forget to keep tracking her blog because there will be another series coming! ^^

Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

ZA Beauty Show

Hello! I want to share my first beauty event: ZA Beauty Show. It held last week, in March 2nd 2013. At the day I was not sure to attend, because I had a teaching schedule. But then I though, It is my first beauty event, so why not come? I was held in Mall Kelapa Gading. It is near my house. I arrived at 13.00. But when I came, there is not many people. Then I decided to had my lunch first and salat. After that, at 14.00 which is the show time, I come again. But it still not full. So I explored the product. Trying some this and that.. :p

 The dress code is a touch of pink. So I use some pink! :D
 See? Even when I arrived and sit, the chair is still a lot empty.

 Then at around 15.00 the show is started. It is super late! I hate it. Because I supposed still can teach if they started on time. But I can't! :( The MC is starting with review from beauty bloggers about their skin care line and make up. Too bad I am too focused to heard their reviews, so I don't have their picture.
After that MC called lovely beautiful ladies who will show us to touch up with ZA cosmetics.
 They walk around the stage. I really envy their body! It is so slim! -_____-"
And that is the end of show. After that they announced the winner of door prize. I am not lucky that day to win it.. :( But I got a photo:
And a goodie bag:
Which consisted of:
 And a coupon voucher actually. But I lost it somehow. LOL!
ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation in shade OC20 is very suitable shade for my skin.
I am using it a few time and it works good. It is medium coverage and have matte finish. I use it without dap it with water, though. I just feel in dry use is more than enough to cover my imperfection. But too bad the oil control is not good. 2 hours after applying, my face start to oily.

And I got total hydration foamy cleanser in fresh. It has 2 type: fresh and moist. I think the moist one is for dry skin. And this cleanser working so great. You just need a lil bit to make foamy. I spend the 5g of the sample for a week. I use it twice a day. And it is not make your face squeaky. It has perfume in it. I smell it like Biore's cleanser smell. It has blue scrub, but the scrub is not gonna hurt you, it will melts on it's way.
And I got the toner in fresh too. It is so-so. And it has smell in it too. It likes um... wardah whitening toner smells (because my sister use it). Sorry if I am not good in describing the smell, but I can't guess what smell is that.. m(-____-)m
And the last is total hydration deep moist cream. I love this moisturizer! It makes my face feels smooth. But I don't recommend it for oily skin type because believe me, it is so oily! My skin looks radiance. I use it to balancing my acne gel which is makes my skin dry and making dry patches. If I use it along, there is no dry patches. And I use it only in the night.
Will I repurchase it? Well, no. Because it is making my face oily even though it help me with dry patches. I am gonna search some skincare that help me with acne but not make my face dry nor very oily.

Disclaimer:  This might be works with me, but not with you and vice versa.

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