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ZA Beauty Show

Hello! I want to share my first beauty event: ZA Beauty Show. It held last week, in March 2nd 2013. At the day I was not sure to attend, because I had a teaching schedule. But then I though, It is my first beauty event, so why not come? I was held in Mall Kelapa Gading. It is near my house. I arrived at 13.00. But when I came, there is not many people. Then I decided to had my lunch first and salat. After that, at 14.00 which is the show time, I come again. But it still not full. So I explored the product. Trying some this and that.. :p

 The dress code is a touch of pink. So I use some pink! :D
 See? Even when I arrived and sit, the chair is still a lot empty.

 Then at around 15.00 the show is started. It is super late! I hate it. Because I supposed still can teach if they started on time. But I can't! :( The MC is starting with review from beauty bloggers about their skin care line and make up. Too bad I am too focused to heard their reviews, so I don't have their picture.
After that MC called lovely beautiful ladies who will show us to touch up with ZA cosmetics.
 They walk around the stage. I really envy their body! It is so slim! -_____-"
And that is the end of show. After that they announced the winner of door prize. I am not lucky that day to win it.. :( But I got a photo:
And a goodie bag:
Which consisted of:
 And a coupon voucher actually. But I lost it somehow. LOL!
ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation in shade OC20 is very suitable shade for my skin.
I am using it a few time and it works good. It is medium coverage and have matte finish. I use it without dap it with water, though. I just feel in dry use is more than enough to cover my imperfection. But too bad the oil control is not good. 2 hours after applying, my face start to oily.

And I got total hydration foamy cleanser in fresh. It has 2 type: fresh and moist. I think the moist one is for dry skin. And this cleanser working so great. You just need a lil bit to make foamy. I spend the 5g of the sample for a week. I use it twice a day. And it is not make your face squeaky. It has perfume in it. I smell it like Biore's cleanser smell. It has blue scrub, but the scrub is not gonna hurt you, it will melts on it's way.
And I got the toner in fresh too. It is so-so. And it has smell in it too. It likes um... wardah whitening toner smells (because my sister use it). Sorry if I am not good in describing the smell, but I can't guess what smell is that.. m(-____-)m
And the last is total hydration deep moist cream. I love this moisturizer! It makes my face feels smooth. But I don't recommend it for oily skin type because believe me, it is so oily! My skin looks radiance. I use it to balancing my acne gel which is makes my skin dry and making dry patches. If I use it along, there is no dry patches. And I use it only in the night.
Will I repurchase it? Well, no. Because it is making my face oily even though it help me with dry patches. I am gonna search some skincare that help me with acne but not make my face dry nor very oily.

Disclaimer:  This might be works with me, but not with you and vice versa.

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