Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

Life is not That Easy, Babe! (Randomness Talk)

Yeah, I admit it, I random blogging. I seldom make a post these days. Because you know, when you already take some pictures for review then your camera memory got some viruses that make me you have to formatted it! Yeah, that happened to me! Really annoying! I took a lot of photo in case sometimes I am in mood to write something in my blog or when my exams week is over! And it ruining my mood to take a photo!

You can check it your self now, my handphone's photo gallery (I use my handphone camera to take photo) is empty. It happen for about nearly a month and still go on! I just feel afraid to take a photo these days. I am afraid it will happen again. >_<

Skip to the mellow-yellow topic, this year, my resolutions seems happened more quickly than I imagine. One, my resolution is losing some weight. I really want to have weight around 48 kg. And it is happen!
See! I've taken this picture as a proof! This is the only picture in my phone's gallery. It is 48 kg! It is happened because I was sick truthfully. Hahaha.. but nevertheless it is 48 kg!

I don't know if you see it or not, that I have a scar in my left leg. I got it about a year or 2 years ago when I rode a motorcyle. I was rode it with my sister as a passenger. I've already get a hunch before, I really don't want to ride a motorcycle. But my sister insisted me to rode it. Then voila! I got that scar. Actually it is much more better now. I don't hurt anymore of course. And the scar is less visible. I don't mind to have that scar, but, do you have a recommendation to get rid of it?

Though, my friends say it is less visible now and asking what product I use. Of course I am not using particular product. But nowadays I realize it looks ugly when I want to use some shoes that isn't covering it or a sandals.

Oh, and the second resolution which happened is I really want to have a teaching job as a lot of my friends now teaching. And I am now a tutor in one of "bimbel". Still beginners! Hehehe.. I never though to teach when I am in new year of college because I don't feel deserve to be called a teacher. For me being a teacher even tutor is a huge responsibility. Because, hey, your student's future is depend on how you teach them! And I am afraid if I am misleading them! Because I still a teens, right!

Sometimes I am still "labil" I admit it. Well, these days I though, you never know when you are ready if you are not try it right? So I make a huge move to start teaching. Well, I wish it would be smooth.

Well, the final project that I ever mention before in last post is my PLC class project. PLC stands Programmable Logic Controller. We are supposed to make a miniature of some technology based PLC. As for my team, we make a car counter that available in mall. I really appreciate people who make it because believe me, it is so hard! Even my seniors said it is so hard to do! Even seniors who make instrument based PLC for their final project (skripsi) said it is hard!

For days I made it. I can't sleep well, I can't eat well, my life feels so uncomfortable because of that! So that's why I can't write a post. Because I can't think of something else. Thank god it's over. But what is more suck is our university's score web is always down whenever I want to see my score or even fill my "KRS"! You know, there are more than 10.000 students in my university, but their server is only served for 650! How can they just put 650?! Imagine how will it be for me to access it?

And another randomness is about my blacklist online shop. I've blacklisted one online shop before and my cousin said she love my post about it and tell me to make another blacklist online shop so she can avoid it. It is not I usually shop in bad online shopping that I can make this post. In my whole online shopping experience, I've just happen to meet these 2 bad online shop. The first is the one that I already make post in here. And here is another one:

It is Henecia Kage. Online shop that sells kpop goodies. I ordered 3 phonestrap in this online shop. I ordered since like, um October 2012. She said it was pre-order so I have to wait a month to get it. I understand because there are more online shop like that. But until now, January 2013, I never get my order. I am texting her again a few times. First, she said it was resilience in customs (ketahan di bea cukai). I am not familiar about customs duty. Can any body tell me how it works on international shipping? So I said to her, okay, I understand. I'll wait it.

Then I wait it for a weeks, she never contact me. Then I text her again. I asked if she remember me and my order. What happened with my order. She said she recognize me and my order. She asked me whether I want to be refund? But I said no, because I really want that phonestrap, and there is no other shop that sells that phonestrap. And I'll be waiting.

But she never text me again nor my phonestrap is arrive in my house. Whenever I text her, she don't reply me. When she reply me she just said whenever she text me it is failed. She can't text me. I am asking my friends did they can't text me too? And they said no, they CAN text me. And besides that, she never contact me. I am losing my mood to demanding my ordered again (udah males ngurusinnya lagi). Maybe she lives in nowhere tobe found so she can't text me. But whenever I am texting her, it is delivered in report.

I really hates that kind of seller. I am that kind of easy buyer for seller. I am not asking too much (I can search the information in internet myself), I am fast transfer the fund when it is deal. So fu*k that bi#ch! SO, NEVER ORDERED FROM HENECIA KAGE!

Well, I think that's all my random talk. Wishing you are not tired of it because I want to post something but I am too trauma with taking picture right now. Maybe my next post would be about reviewing something *pray*. Bye!

Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

Pygmalion Land 6th Giveaway

Hello, ladies.. ^^
Salah satu blog fave aku ngadain huge giveaway! Believe me, it is HUGE! Bwahahaha.... I bet you can just look at the picture above, hadiahnya itu benar-benar yummeeeh..

Nih, ya buat hadiah-hadiahnya, nggak hanya satu orang doang yang bisa menang. Hadiahnya itu:


- GUESS Original Handbags

- A pack of Taiwan False Eyelesashes

- Koji Eyelashes curler

-  Baby Doll False Eyelashes 

- BH Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Gold *super recommend

- Blush on & Highlighters Compact Duo

- Black Head Remover Heated Gel 

- Sample of Skin food Royal Honey Mask

- Sample of Tony Moly Sleeping Pack

- Sample of Innisfree Vitamin C Booster

- Gold Flowery Head Band

- GUESS Original Handbags 
- Skin 79 Super BB Cream
- Dolly False Eyelashes
- Etude House Mascara Remover
- Etude House Sweet Look Body Lotion
- Etude House Nail Polish
- Make Up Forever Lip Gloss mini size
- Sample Skin Food Rich Body Essence

- BH Cosmetics 66 Color Lip Palette
- Skin Food Orange & Mint Body Gift Set
- Kelrina Eyelashes
- Viva Compact Powder
- Viva Lipstick
- Daiso Mask 
- Acnes Pore Strip
- Sample Skin Food Aloe Vera BBcream
- Sample Skin Food Honey Black Tea BBcream
- Sample Skin Food Grape Cell Eyecream
- Sample Skin Food Grape Cell Cream
- Sample Travel Shampoo
- Eyeshadow Pallete in Rose 
- HadaLabo Lotion
- HadaLabo Cream
- Daiso Nose Pack for black head *super recommend
- Etude House Dear My Darling Lip Gloss
- A Pack of Traveling toilet pack
- Sample of Traveling Shampoo
- Sample Holika Holika Bulgarian Rose
- Sample Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base
- X2 softlens in Green with Case
- Viva Handbody
- Viva Eye and lip make up remover
- Viva pelembap
- Viva Eyeshadow
- Hair Tools (from long hair to short hair)
- Biore Pore Pack
- Sample of HadaLabo Lotion
- Sample of Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Essence
- Sample of Skin Food Gold Caviar Toner
- Sample of Skin Food Gold Caviar Cream
- Flowery Hair Band
- 4Gb USB (in heart shape) this is so cute and well designed
- 2 biore pore pack strip
- Etude House Collagen Moistfull Kit
- Sample of traveling shampoo
- Sample of Skin food Gold of Caviar lifting eye serum
- Sample of Skin food Gol Caviar Emulsion
- 2 Sample of Thefaceshop Eco Theraphy Vitalist cream
- Sample of Thefaceshop Eco Theraphy Vitalist serum
- Cute flowery headband


Hadiahnya hebat kan? Nggak hanya 1 pemenang, kalau dilihat dari hadiahnya, bakalan ada 6 pemenang. Jadi, kesempatan kamu buat menang makin banyak! Dan kebanyakan itu semua berasal dari dompet si penulis Pygmalion Land sendiri, Meilani Chow! Baik, zuuuper duper baik banget kan? Kalian juga bisa nyobain beberapa produk lokal yang oke punya selain beberapa produk luar. I love Indonesia!

Cara ikutannya gimana qaqaaaaq? *brb muntah* *balik lagi* hahaha.. sori, gue geli sendiri kalau ngomong alay. Jadi cara ikutannya:
1. Harus Follow GFC (google friend connect)
ada dibanner sebelah kanan blognya yang ada tulisan join this site with google friend connect
bisa follow dengan akun google, twitter, blog, dll

2. Pemenang akan diumumkan di FB Page & Twitter PygmalionLand
harus direspon dalam waktu 1x6jam, jika gagal, akan dipilih pemenang lainnya

3. Giveaway berakhir di 5 Maret 2013
pengumuman akan diumumkan 2 minggu setelah penutupan atau lebih, jika entry yang masuk sangat banyak.
karena isi posting yang masuk akan dibaca satu persatu :)

Semakin banyak poin yang dikumpulkan, semakin tinggi kesempatan menang,
bisa dilakukan semua, beberapa atau salah satu dari opsi dibawah.

1. follow GFC (+1)
2. Like FB Pygmalion Land (+1)

3. Follow Twitter @PygmalionLand (+1)

4. Ngetweet Giveaway ini (+1)
jangan lupa #PygmalionLandGiveaway & mention
bisa menambah poin setiap harinya

5. Share banner giveaway di FB pribadi (+1)
jangan lupa #PygmalionLandGiveaway & mention
bisa menambah poin setiap harinya

6. Sharing artikel pygmalionland yang kamu suka di FB / Twitter pribadi (+2)
 bisa menambah poin setiap harinya

7. Pasang Banner Giveaway PygmalionLand di Halaman utama blogmu (+5)
silahkan copy linknya di banner kanan atas, untuk yang ga punya blog,
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8. Pasang Banner Giveaway di Header FB mu (+10)
Durasi pemasangan minimal 15 Hari dari tanggal submit di Rafflecopter
selama periode kontes berlangsung (akan di cek secara random tiap harinya)
pengurangan point akan dilakukan jika ternyata bannernya di take off

9. Write a blog post  about this giveaway (+10)
dibaca ya, poinnya besar  :)
a. Tulis artikel di blog mu mengenai giveaway ini
b. semakin banyak artikel yang kamu tulis, semakin banyak point tambahan
c. artikel boleh ditulis lebih dari satu (penambahan poin +10 perartikel)
d. artikel yang ditulis harus ngelink kembali ke www.pygmalionland.com
e. wajib ada banner pygmalion giveaway (boleh masukan gambar hadiahnya)
f. tulisan semenarik dan sekreatif mungkin (akan ada hadiah misteri untuk penulisan terbaik)
g. semua artikel yang ada kata giveaway, pygmalion land, beauty, winner, blogger,
indonesia beauty blogger, review, make up (harus dilink kembali ke www.pygmalionland.com)
h. tulisan tidak terbatas hanya giveaway, silahkan menambahkan kritik, saran
demi perbaikan kualitas di pygmalionland
10. Bagi yang tidak mempunyai blog tapi ingin menambah poin, ini opsinya.
silahkan tulis artikel di forum, grup, milis, website atau media lainnya
karna bobot poinnya (+10)
a. bagi yang punya blog dan mau ikutan untuk penambahan point, silahkan :)
b. regulasi / tata caranya sama dengan di poin 9

That's it! Aku cantumin persis sama yang ditulis di blognya. Terlihat ribet ya? Well, there is no cookies for who doesn't want to fight it, pals! Lagian lihat tenggat waktunya, masih lama kok! Yes! And all of you can join this! Nggak peduli kamu cowok atau cewek, kamu bisa ikutan.
Sebenarnya ini kesempatan bagus loh buat cowok yang mungkin bingung mau ngasih apa ke ceweknya buat ulang tahun atau kado anniversary! Dari pada lo bingung-bingung mau kasih apa, dan ujung-ujungnya cewek lo nggak suka kan nyusahin! Bwahahaha... aku bilangin ya, kalau cewek kamu dikasih salah satu paket ini, mereka pasti bakal seneng banget!
Dan juga, kalau menang kan berarti ini semua GRATIS! Hey, di dunia ini mana ada sih yang nggak mau gratisan?
Besides, dia nggak cuma beauty blogger, tapi juga travel blogger, salah satu ceritanya tentang Nusa Lembongan baru-baru ini sukses bikin aku mupeng pengen ke Nusa Lembongan! Hahaha... pantainya cantik banget! Lautnya bener-bener biru banget dan bening! Mamaaaa... aku mau kesanaaaaaa!!!! Mungkin next time Kak Meilani bisa ngadain giveaway hadiahnya jalan-jalan ke tempat-tempat yang indah tapi nggak banyak orang tahu kayak Nusa Lembongan itu! Hahaha.. nyolot banget ya? Nggak apa-apa, semoga dikabulkan sama kak Meilani! Amiiin!!! (>/\<)

Jadi kalau mau ikutan, buka LINK INI dan ikutin aja rafflecopternya! Jadi kamu nggak usah bingung-bingung apalagi yang belum dilakukan!

Oya, untuk bikin artikelnya kalau bisa yang kreatif ya, soalnya untuk dapetin hadiah utamanya, penilaian mengenai penulisan juga sangat penting! Dan penilaian keduanya adalah effort kalian dalam mendapatkan giveaway ini!

So, cemunguuudh eaaa qaqaq!!!! *muntah* *sign out*

Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

January's Giveaway List

1. beautyfoodlife's 100 Followers Giveaway

The Prizes is:
Milk Talk trial kit
Baking powder Pore cleansing foam travel size
Aloe moistfull skincare kit
Real Art Cleansing oil
Look at my eyes jewel BR401
2 sample BB Dation BB cream
Sample BB cream precious mineral + nymph aura volumer
2. Sharonette's Giveaway

Who doesn't want a yummy infamous History of Whoo's Seol Whitening Travel Set as the main prize of giveaway? Me want it! I bet most of you want it to!! ^^ Sharonette shop currently holding [ROSE OF SHARON] giveaway. With prizes:

PRIZE #1: History of Whoo Seol Whitening Travel Set (WOW! I really want to try this one!)
PRIZE #2: Sulwhasoo Ginseng Herb Soap
PRIZE #3: Jasaeng Essence 4 ML x 2

DEADLINE: 23 JANUARY 2013 (You still have time to join! ^^)

If you didn't know, History of Whoo's Seol is one of line by Korean premium skincare.

THE HISTORY OF WHOO adalah produk HERBAL dari Korea yang diformulasikan berdasarkan resep kerajaan Korea zaman dulu untuk mengatasi permasalahan kulit seperti jerawat, kering, dehidrasi, meregenerasi kulit sehingga tampak mudah, dan juga untuk anti aging. Makanya kandungan yang ada dalam produk ini sangat jarang ditemukan sehingga produksinya pun sangat terbatas (contohnya ginseng, snow lotus, dll). The History of Whoo ini merupakan merk skincare menengah atas, makanya harganya mahal sekali.

It's based on Korean royal skincare, dudes! ROYAL means the one that Princess use for her skin to looks glowing and healthy! You can get the travel set! So don't worry if it not suitable for your skin! Instead you must worry what if it makes our skin so good and you have to supply it more! LOL! But if you have your money and buy it, Sharonette is selling it with a really good deal! :D

And the big question is how I join it? It's so simple! All you have to do is:

1) Like Sharonette's FB page (which is I already link it before)
2) Follow @sharonetteshop on Twitter
3) Tweet this giveaway as much as you can!

4) Write about this giveaway on:

Don't forget to mention the prizes when you tweet and write a blogpost!

The winner will be picked based on how much you tweet and how good your blog post!

Auto-dis for whoever cheats during the giveaway process. So big no for cheating! Cheating is like you say it is your 19999999 times of tweet but when it checked, you lie~ you just tweet twice or soon~

3. Lala's 500++ Followers Giveaway
No, it's not me! Even though my nick name is Lala too, but this giveaway is held by Ade Kumala Sari. I really want to get the Kose Softymo Cleansing Speedy Oil!

4. Corallista's 2 Years Anniversary Giveaway

5. Beauty Chica's Grateful Giveaway
 The prizes is:
Nature Republic Advance Cell Boosting FX Mask
Dermal White Collagen Mask 
Dermal Royal Jelly Mask
Pixy Facial Scrub
Hadalabo Tamagohada Lotion
Cussons Hair Lotion
ELF Eyeshadow in PunkFunk
Two pairs of eyelashes
Snal BB Cream Sample Nature Republic
Skin food Lemon BB Cream Sample
Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer Sample
Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream Sample
Five packs of her favorite cereal from Singapore called VITAMAX
It is sooooo great for health and we can do DIY scrub too

5. Christineiversen's Giveaway
Who wants Urban Decay Naked Palette Basic? You can join this giveaway to win it! ^^

6. Airi's Etude House Giveaway

7. Wonderfull Giveaway ft ISZO circle lens 

8. Dawndugong's International Birthday Giveaway!
She is really kind to host this giveaway. You can choose from the palette above which one will be yours. Personally, I absolutely will choose NAKED 1! Really! I've been want this baby since forever even though there are NAKED 2 and even NAKED basic. Too bad this baby is too expensive so I still can't lay my hand on them.. :( You can joining by clicking the picture btw.

9.Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Kit Giveaway!!! *Opens Internationally*

10. Lipsticktraces Thank You Giveaway

11. Paigey Pumpkin's 100 Followers Giveaway

12. Crazy Pop Lock's International Giveaway


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