Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

Hello? Is there any beauty blogger out there?

Hi, pals! You know, that famous korean "Get It Beauty" show? I love watching it as it gives me a lot of new information, tips, and tutorial about korean make up. And you can watch it with english sub in ibuybeauti's youtube channel. And that is the first time I know about ibuybeauti.

Ibuybeauti is a seller that selling korean make up and skincare! It's shipping worldwide too. Too bad I never bought from her, because yeah you know, to buy from international seller you have to have a credit card minimal. And I am just a student and my dad's not that type who have credit card. You know, that kinda old fashioned guy, that is my dad! And buying from reseller from my country sometimes the price is a lil' bit higher than the price tag.

Yeah, if I am already have a settled job, I might be make a credit card and can shopping from international seller in the future!

Anyway, stop blabbering. Now I want to inform you that Ibuybeauti is looking for 10 beauty bloggers to be their reviewer! They called it as "Beautifan". And they'll divided beautifan into some catagories, and their job is to make review to make a customer easier to decided whether to buy the product or not.

As you can see from the picture above, here it is the details:

Wanted: 10 Beauty Bloggers
Application period: February 3-18
Responsibility: review products from Ibuybeauti.com
How to apply: send an email to beautifanblog@gmail.com with the following info:
Skin type:
Blog address:
Best beauty review link:
Self introduction:
Well that's all to be said from this program. May the luck is within us! ^^ Byee!

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