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January's Giveaway List

1. beautyfoodlife's 100 Followers Giveaway

The Prizes is:
Milk Talk trial kit
Baking powder Pore cleansing foam travel size
Aloe moistfull skincare kit
Real Art Cleansing oil
Look at my eyes jewel BR401
2 sample BB Dation BB cream
Sample BB cream precious mineral + nymph aura volumer
2. Sharonette's Giveaway

Who doesn't want a yummy infamous History of Whoo's Seol Whitening Travel Set as the main prize of giveaway? Me want it! I bet most of you want it to!! ^^ Sharonette shop currently holding [ROSE OF SHARON] giveaway. With prizes:

PRIZE #1: History of Whoo Seol Whitening Travel Set (WOW! I really want to try this one!)
PRIZE #2: Sulwhasoo Ginseng Herb Soap
PRIZE #3: Jasaeng Essence 4 ML x 2

DEADLINE: 23 JANUARY 2013 (You still have time to join! ^^)

If you didn't know, History of Whoo's Seol is one of line by Korean premium skincare.

THE HISTORY OF WHOO adalah produk HERBAL dari Korea yang diformulasikan berdasarkan resep kerajaan Korea zaman dulu untuk mengatasi permasalahan kulit seperti jerawat, kering, dehidrasi, meregenerasi kulit sehingga tampak mudah, dan juga untuk anti aging. Makanya kandungan yang ada dalam produk ini sangat jarang ditemukan sehingga produksinya pun sangat terbatas (contohnya ginseng, snow lotus, dll). The History of Whoo ini merupakan merk skincare menengah atas, makanya harganya mahal sekali.

It's based on Korean royal skincare, dudes! ROYAL means the one that Princess use for her skin to looks glowing and healthy! You can get the travel set! So don't worry if it not suitable for your skin! Instead you must worry what if it makes our skin so good and you have to supply it more! LOL! But if you have your money and buy it, Sharonette is selling it with a really good deal! :D

And the big question is how I join it? It's so simple! All you have to do is:

1) Like Sharonette's FB page (which is I already link it before)
2) Follow @sharonetteshop on Twitter
3) Tweet this giveaway as much as you can!

4) Write about this giveaway on:

Don't forget to mention the prizes when you tweet and write a blogpost!

The winner will be picked based on how much you tweet and how good your blog post!

Auto-dis for whoever cheats during the giveaway process. So big no for cheating! Cheating is like you say it is your 19999999 times of tweet but when it checked, you lie~ you just tweet twice or soon~

3. Lala's 500++ Followers Giveaway
No, it's not me! Even though my nick name is Lala too, but this giveaway is held by Ade Kumala Sari. I really want to get the Kose Softymo Cleansing Speedy Oil!

4. Corallista's 2 Years Anniversary Giveaway

5. Beauty Chica's Grateful Giveaway
 The prizes is:
Nature Republic Advance Cell Boosting FX Mask
Dermal White Collagen Mask 
Dermal Royal Jelly Mask
Pixy Facial Scrub
Hadalabo Tamagohada Lotion
Cussons Hair Lotion
ELF Eyeshadow in PunkFunk
Two pairs of eyelashes
Snal BB Cream Sample Nature Republic
Skin food Lemon BB Cream Sample
Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer Sample
Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream Sample
Five packs of her favorite cereal from Singapore called VITAMAX
It is sooooo great for health and we can do DIY scrub too

5. Christineiversen's Giveaway
Who wants Urban Decay Naked Palette Basic? You can join this giveaway to win it! ^^

6. Airi's Etude House Giveaway

7. Wonderfull Giveaway ft ISZO circle lens 

8. Dawndugong's International Birthday Giveaway!
She is really kind to host this giveaway. You can choose from the palette above which one will be yours. Personally, I absolutely will choose NAKED 1! Really! I've been want this baby since forever even though there are NAKED 2 and even NAKED basic. Too bad this baby is too expensive so I still can't lay my hand on them.. :( You can joining by clicking the picture btw.

9.Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Kit Giveaway!!! *Opens Internationally*

10. Lipsticktraces Thank You Giveaway

11. Paigey Pumpkin's 100 Followers Giveaway

12. Crazy Pop Lock's International Giveaway

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