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Panda Hotel (A Post for 2PM)

As a hottest (Korean Boyband's 2PM's fanbase name) when talking about Panda, I always think about Jun. K. Yeah, that cute fluffy animal is Jun. K's favorite animal. Whenever and wherever hottest is always giving him the same doll: PANDA. I bet he can open a panda museum because he has A LOT of it. XD

Actually he is not my favorite 2PM's member. My favorite is Nichkhun. But I do love him too as he is warm, funny, talented, and humble guy. I remember when I have a chance to meet 2PM in person because I attended the fanmeeting in 2011. They did a concert in Jakarta and held fan meeting. He is so humble and mistaken talking in Japanese with me, I don't know why, do I look like a Japanese? I must admit he has a charisma (every 2PM's member have charisma) that makes you can't stop watching them. But believe me, when you are in one room with all of them, you can't concentrate in one person. So if you ask the rank of my favorite 2PM's member, I'd say first would be Khun, and the second is the rest of member because I can't decided which one is better. XD

Jun. K with his famous logo

Jun. K in his recent musical

Maybe you can comment me that I am too obsessed biased with him, but believe me, I am normal than than crazy sasaeng fans. I want to talk much more about 2PM, about they skills, rumors, or even the "dirty little secret" that keeps circling in internet that only God who knew the truth. Maybe you can judge me as a delusional fans, but I've been investigating the bad rumor, and I can't stop being a hottest although they are not as saint as might be. But hey, they are human. And there is no single human is perfect and saint! But doing that would take a looooooooong post to go.
And what I want to share now is not about 2PM. Err.. well yeah you can relate it with 2PM, actually. I just read some information about a hotel in China that use Panda as their theme. I believe Jun. K would love to sleep there if they are in China. Here are some photo of the hotel:

An employee dressed in a panda costume poses for a photo during the soft opening of a panda-themed hotel at the foot of Emei Mountain, in southwest China's Sichuan province.

According to local media, the hotel is the first panda-themed hotel in the world and will officially open in May with room rates from 300 ($48) to 500 yuan per night.

It is so cute, right?


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    1. yes, it is so cute! If I am visiting China, I would love to visit it! ^^



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