Senin, 04 Februari 2013

February Giveaway List

In this February, I am joining some amazing giveaway, such as:
1. Diary Of A Product Junkie: Phanie's Birthday Giveaway
You can choose from 3 set of prize: A. Lip Addict, B. Eye Love Makeup, or C. All About Complexion.
Lip Addict consist of 2 Etude House Shini Star Lip Balms, 2 Etude House Juicy Pop Tubes, and 1 BBW anti-bacterial hand gel.
Eye Love Makeup consist of 1 Maybelline Magnum Mascara, 1 Maybelline the Falsies Mascara, 2 Etude House Line Nuance Duo, and 1 BBW anti-bacterial hand gel.
All About Complexion consist of 3 Etude House Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask Sheet, 1 Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil, and 1 Etude House Wonder Pore Modelling Clay Mask.

The giveaway rules 

  • Each person is only allowed to enter one time. More than that, it will be a straight disqualification.
  • Be a follower of her blog via GFC
  • Follow her twitter at @phanie14
  • Publish a post about this giveaway on your blog. 
  • If you don't have a blog and only have twitter, tweet this giveaway, mentioning or tagging her (@phanie14) and tagging 3 of your friends in the same tweet. Not tagging your friends won't count as an entry.
  • Place the giveaway banner on your sidebar
  • Answer some questions on the form here
I am choosing the set B because I want to try the Falsies Mascara. A lot of beauty blogger said it is great and actually now I am running out of mascara.
You should follow Phanie's blog! Not because you only aiming for the giveaway. But she is kinda like a "doctor" of beauty. I am amazed by her knowledge about ingredient in a product! She know what is good for skin and what is not by the chemical name of the ingredient! I never give attention about that things because I tend to forget the chemical name. Of course, it is hard to remember! And she is so detail when giving a review. Not only review, she often educate the reader about beauty, skin, and anything related. I really love her blog because I know a lot of things from her! I am giving you a guarantee you won't regret follow her! ^^

2. Misskatv's Giveaway
She made a review about Jealousness Eyeliner in here and that is making me want to try it! She is doing giveaway with that eyeliner as the prize btw in that link! :D

3. Dawndugong's Giveaway
Dawndugong is very generous. After not a long time ago she held giveaway, now she is holding another. You can joining here to win UD's Glinda or Theodora palette! ^^

4. 250th Giveaway The Clockwise Nail Polish
Click here to win amazing nail polishes!

5. Shirayuki's Beauty's Giveaway
You can win 1 pair of Barbie (Dueba) Circle Lend of your choice. But international shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties and customs fees, which are levied once your package reaches the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the recipient. You can join here.

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