Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

My Darling Liquid Eyeliner

My week is so exhausted. So I am starting my new semester this monday. And attending class while working as teacher is so exhausted! I wish I can balanced it out.
Well back at the review, I want to review about My Darling liquid eyeliner. I can use liquid eyeliner more easily than pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner. Even though a lot of people said it is easier to use pencil or gel liner, I don't feel so. Maybe because as a start up, I use liquid eyeliner as my first eyeliner, so I am used to it now.
I was run out of my eyeliner, so I asked my sister to accompany me to buy the new eyeliner. I kinda want to try something new, so I asked my sister recommendation. And she recommended this eyeliner. She said from her friends, this eyeliner is a raving. I am looking for waterproof, smudgeproof, and cheap eyeliner. So I bought it.

It looks so cheap rite? I don't mind if it packaging looks cheap if the performance is good. The color is ruby-black-gold. It contain 9ml. It has POM number, so I think it is safe to use.

There is a heart shape in the cap. People said it cute, but I don't feel so.

Swatch after applying

After applying it, it shiny. But after dry, it is not shiny anymore. The black color is not intense. A bit greyish I guess.
 After dry

But it takes a loooooong time to dry. When it dries, I found it smudgeproof.

The applicator is easy to use. But I found it is too long.
 Water test

It stay still in the water as can you see. BUT....

When you rub, it is not waterproof! So beware of panda eyes! ^^

Overall I don't like this eyeliner. About the price, I think I bought it under IDR20.000 or under 2USD. It is not waterproof and the color is not intense. I regret buying it.

Btw, these days my face is breaking out a lot. I guess it is because lack of sleep and lack of water. But my dermatologist acne lotion is not working on my face anymore. So I am looking for another option. When I watching TV there is an ad about Murad Acne Complex, but when I check it on makeupalley, they said it is bad. Then I want to try tea tree line of The Body Shop. I want to try tretinoid too, but they said it is too strong. Have any of you try it? How was it is? Or you have some recommendation?

4 komentar:

  1. temen aku juga pake eyeliner ini kalo ga salah, lama keringnyaaaa dan cepet ilang juga >.<

    1. Iya, makanya aku males makenya. Nggak terlalu item lagi warnanya. Hahaha... jangan beli ini, di! :D

  2. aihh, paling ngeri kalo kena keringat, suka jadi panda eyes :P.
    Lam kenal yah, by: http://buleipotan.blogspot.com

    1. Iya, makanya nggak recommended buat make up keluar rumah. Mending buat make up main-mainan di rumah aja.. :) salam kenal jugaaa... ^^



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