Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

demon princess-prologue

I'm trying to make an english novel. Well, I apologize if my english is not good enough. But, I'm trying to make it easy reading. Here's the story:

Now, I am frightened. I think you don’t have to be an oracle to know your death. At least I don’t need to be an oracle right now to know when I’ll die. It’s all because there is a big-old-high-speed truck come to crash me until the tiny cells of mine.

Let me think about it, Magista the Oracle, a friend of mine, never told me about my death. Or maybe she had told me but I don’t heard it? Yeah.. maybe like that.

Oh, I don’t want to die right now. Not in this bloody hell ridiculous outfit. What the hell people will talk? They’ll gossiping my clowny death all days! That fucking Patrice the Foise, a half-medusa-half-human whose my assistant, will pay if I meet her again. If I can save from this death.

Oh.. people said when we are gonna die, we will find out there are a lot of faults we do, and we’ll regret it. I think it’s right. Because I remember I haven’t fed Feriana, my beloved cat, when I left home this morning. Oh.. poor Feriana, who will fed her if I die?

Now I am regretting why this morning I have to elope with my jerk-boyfriend (I think now officially ex-boyfriend). I should listen more to mum who said that a keyrk, half-evil-half-human, like him is a jerk. Even it have a similar rhyme! Ooh.. Patty will happy if hear I can make a good rhyme!

Okay, here we go. I think I am going to close my eyes for good. Because I don’t want to see it, really.

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