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Nextcare Acne Cover: Ladies

Hi! Have you tried acne cover? I tried this Nextcare Acne cover out of curiosity, did it work well?
I choose the Ladies one. There are a few type: Ladies, Men, Big, and the Star one (sorry, I forget the name). The packaging is so so. A lady picture in yellow paper. Though I think the drawing is cute..

 The cover packaging

The back

Unfortunately, it only consist of 6 big patches, and 12 small patches. For about Rp29.000 or 3USD I think it is not too worth it. Because it just disposable. I though we will get more. (such a cheapskate). It has yellow color that when you use it it won't be noticeable.

 And I tried it at the night before I sleep. You have to use it for 8 hours then you can see whether it works or not. Here it is my bare face just before sleep. After washing my face, and patting my face with towel to dry it, I put the patches in my pimples. You must be careful not to touch the sticky side otherwise it won't adhere. And you have to skip your night skincare regime. Because it won't stick with face that already use your night cream. I advise to use this first then your night cream. When using your night cream be careful not to applied it on the patches.

 Before sleep

 Zooming it. See? it blended well so it won't be noticeable!

 Just wake up and already take a photo.

Here you can see the before after. It slightly helping me reduce the swelling but not much. It won't you put the patch and voila in the morning your pimples is gone forever. And even after I use it the next night, it won't make my pimples gone. Actually the pimples is just reduced just after we remove the patches. And in the afternoon, the pimples will be swollen again..

I think it don't works wonder like they said so I don't have intention to repurchase it. Have you tried it?

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