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Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb

It such a long time for review, rite? I want to introduce you to my fave lip shimmer: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb! Pucker up your shimmery color!
The explanation from the official web:
Want your lips to speak volumes? Give them a smooch of luminescent color with our luscious Lip Shimmers. Shea Butter and antioxidant-rich Fruit Oils moisturize, nourish and soften lips naturally and lovingly. Choose our Radiance Lip Shimmer for a sheer glow or try one of our other beautiful shades. Now in three fresh and flattering new colors: Cherry, Plum and Strawberry!

• Nourishes and moisturizes lips with Vitamin E and Beeswax
• Enriched with Sunflower and Coconut Oils
• Invigorates with Peppermint flavor
• Comes in 12 shimmering shades including new Cherry, Plum and Strawberry
There are 12 colors for this lip shimmer:
1. Peony
2. Caramel
3. Champagne
4. Guava
5. Radiance
6. Rhubarb
7. Raisin
8. Fig
9. Plum
10. Cherry
11. Watermelon
12. Strawberry
Actually, this is my sister's, but because there is mint sensation in this lip shimmer, she gave it to me. She couldn't bear it. But for me, I love this sensation! Yeah, well for some people find it very annoying. When you see the color in rhubarb maybe you'd think that isn't it too dark for lip shimmer? The answer is not. I think lip shimmer is like a lip gloss+lip stick with no excessive glossy "habis makan gorengan" effect. Well, some people didn't like it, rite? And I think it is the answer of people with dark lips a.k.a. thick lips! Not all people have pinkish thin lips, rite?
And this is the actual photo of my lip shimmer:

 It is so small! It's only 0.09 oz / 2.6 gr.
 There is a hole in the middle.
 Without flash
 With flash
 Bare lip
With lip shimmer

See how different it is! When you use it would make natural healthy color! I really love it! The staying power is so-so I think. If you eat and drink it would erased faster, but if you are not using it for eat or drink it will stay longer.

  • Natural healthy color
  • Didn't make my lips dry
  • There are many choices
  • Mint sensation (may be cons though)
  • Travel friendly
  • Not too "lebay" gloss
  • Mint sensation
I will absolutely buy it again if mine is run out!

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  1. ohh this really looks good!!

    visit my blog ^^

  2. Hello say,

    Untuk ready stock lipshimmernya bisa cek di www.babykiddymommy.com :) Nice review btw, I love the Fig one ^^



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