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2PM's Comebaaaaaaaaack!!!

Annyeong Haseo...

You know what makes me exciting this week? It is the comeback of my favorite Korean boyband: 2PM. They haven't releasing korean album for about 2 years! From that 2 years, they are more focusing in Japan. Well, it paid the price, they become very success in Japan!

Disclaimer: This article is purely my opinion. If you don't agree then it is okay. And people free to express their opinion. It doesn't make me fake fans if I give some suggestion based on my opinion.

2PM's Grown album: "Comeback When You Hear This Song"
Left to Right: Hwang Chansung, Jang Wooyoung, Jun. K (Kim Minjun), Lee Junho, My Hubby Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, and Ok Taecyeon

There are 2 music video will be released, first it is "Comeback When You Hear This Song" and second is "All Day Think Of You".

1. "Comeback When You Hear This Song"

"Comeback When You Hear This Song" MV 

 I will comeback to you hubby, even when you are not singing that song!

This song is about a man that regret when his lover is gone. He is asking the girl to comeback to him when she hear the song. My feeling about this song is so-so. It is good, but not far too good that makes me blown away.

It was made by JYP himself. And you can find his famous whisper in the beginning of song. I think this song is quite great, but not as strong as "Hands Up". First, you can hear their growing voice. But what makes this song not as strong as "Hands Up" is the title I think. Hey, how can you memorize that long title?! If you are a hottest maybe you can memorize it, but, when you are just a music listener, even more just common (not Kpop fans), you don't want to memorize it hard right?

I am an Hottest, but I don't quite memorizing that title in the first read. This is what I think is lack from JYP, he always make a long title! It is not a surprise that 2AM's song is not quite famous. If you know 2AM is a brother group with 2PM. Their song is like "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" (I quite hard to remember it even when they release it was a big hit), "I Wonder If you Hurt Like Me", etc.

Which one do you think the easier to remember? "Hands Up" or "Comeback When You Hear This Song"?

2. "All Day Think Of You"

 "All Day Think of You" MV

Who has already saw the music video?! It really makes you nose bleeding and become a pervert, really! My little dissatisfaction about the first MV has been paid! Good thing I think JYPE reading all the comment in last MV (Comeback When You Hear This Song). Because once I said that it would be better if they put the english subtitle when they release the MV, not a few days after it like the first MV one. And there is a girl said that it's better for them to name the english title of song too besides the Korean title. Because you know, it is easier to search in youtube! Thanks JYPE for hearing what fans said!

Now into the MV. It started with Junho part then the member come in the stage. In this song, they proving that my hubby Nichkhun is not just the face of group, he can sing too! And very good indeed! Face that fact, haters!

Who can resist a hot-sexy-cutie-nice boy like him!?

Well yeah, he got the reff part along with Junho. Chansung and Taecyeon got the rap part. Hence Jun. K and Wooyoung got the sweet serenades part. I really loves this one better! It is very RnB and if you are a big fans of them, be careful of jealousy! In this MV, all members have a hot scene with a girl. What I can catch from this song is about a girl playing with each of them, but even they've been cheated, they still can't forget this girl (All Day Think Of You). What's so funny is the abbreviation of this song is A.D.T.O.Y. so they are being toyed by the girl.

If you loves the rap part of this song, do you know, 2PM's Taecyeon is the one behind it. I usually can't stand to watch 2PM being lovey dovey even having a hot scene with anybody. Because of that I never watch their faux-marriage variety show. But in this MV I don't know, I just feel excited and happy that it is a great song! I think it is because the girl's face in this MV is not being showed. I think all the member have an almost sex scene in this song. I'd say it is almost because it is just the game of camera angle. Even Wooyoung part I can say it is not a sex scene, it is just 2 scene: one is he is topless on the bed and one is a picture of the girl in the blanket like "playing" (okay, now I am officially become a pervert because of them!). How can you say it sex scene? Well, if you add it with your imagination then it is a sex scene.

Oh, not to forget that I love the butt dance (in Junho and Khun's part) and sit dance (in Jun. K and Wooyoung's part). And the bad point in this song, again, I have to say that I don't quite love the title. It is too long. But, thanks for the funny abbreviation, I think I am gonna call this song ADTOY!

Now I can't wait to see them in music station like Inkigayo, Music Bank, and Music Core. I just wish they could win A LOT of award with this song, because they deserved it! ^^ Go Hottest! Fighting to support our boys men together! 2PM, fighting!

PS: Please watch the music video from JYP Entertainment's official YouTube in here. To help 2PM topped Korean Chart.. Thank You.. ^^

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