Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

DOAPJ Bubble Net (I am) The Winners

Last April Kak Phanie helding her mini giveaway with Bubble Net with the prize. Reading her review about it I joined it right away, because that is what I (think) I need! My face is breaking out soooo bad! And if my hands touch the pimples when I washing my face, there will be one or two pimples are "pecah" that will make it more bad. I never expected too high to win it. But fortunately I won! And the package arrived today!


The Package arrived in noon as my mom said.

When I were back from campus, I saw this package in living room. Immediately I took it and yes it is for me! Yay! It arrived super fast! Just one day since Kak Phanie email me that she has send it.

Notes from her. Aw.. thank you for adding some samples! ^^ Of course I'll enjoy reading your blog!

 When I and my niece ripped the brown envelope there is a plastic that consist of the prizes.

It consist of:
1 Bubble net
3 BB Cream samples
1 Baking Soda Powder Crunch Face Scrub sample (I will try it when my face is better)
and 1 body shower sample

I am using the net bubble directly after that when I took a shower. There is still no difference of course, I'll see it whether it is helping my break out or not. As for samples, I'll try it when my face is better.. See ya folks!

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