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Etude House: Shini Star Lip Balm

I am not that into lip balm addict. It's because I don't have any problem with my lips. Never too dry that needs lip balm. I have problem with my face skin! It full of acne there and here because of my "puber" time. But now it is lesser acne. Maybe because I've turned 19 this year and my "puber" time is over, or maybe because I started to use mask sheet these days.
Well, my sister bought SHINI STAR LIP BALM for me. She is soooooo kind to bought it for me as I asked her. Tehee~~ I bought it first because they use SHINee, one of my fave Korean boyband, in the ad. And they say there is SHINee's autograph in the case. So, I asked my beloved sister to bought it for me even I don't need lip balm. *fangirling mode on* I am so sorry if the quality of pictures is not good. I am too lazy to take my SLR to take the picture. so I just use my camera phone..  m(-__-)m
 This is the case

I choose "Cherry" as Minho's pick *I know it is not him directly choose the color, but still, I am biased by Minho*

 The inside. I've been use it several times, so it's surface is not like the new one. I have this for about 2 months. But I am too busy with my college stuff to make a review.

 Swatch in my hand without flash

 Swatch with flash

 My bare lips

With Shini Star Lip Balm

Well, I must say I love this lip balm. Before I use this, I use Born Lippy Passionberry Lip Balm by Body Shop. This lip balm give a glossy effect, so I don't need to use lip gloss again. It is a bit creamy when you use it, not like the body shop one, that feels more oily one. Since I don't have any problem with my lips, I don't know if it is moisturizing enough. I love to combine it with my Tony Moly Lip Tint to make ulzzang lips. But if I am too lazy or in a rush for class I just use shini star lip balm. I never use lipstick, because I prefer lip tint for more long lasting color. As I am in faculty of engineering which is full of boys, so it is not a something usual to touch up you make up in rest room.But using a lip tint is not a choice for hurry time. So I just bring and use this lip balm.

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