Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Vivelle Spa Sytem Face Mask

I never interested in mask sheet before because I think it is such a waste to use it. You just use it once and you have to throw it away. But I read a lot of beauty blogger said mask sheet is one of their holy secret to maintain their face. When I accompanied my mom to one of big supermarket in a mall in Jakarta, I found this Vivelle Spa System Face Mask. Without hestitation I choose all variant.

Things that I bought were Vivelle Spa System Face Mask all variant (kiwi, bengkuang, vitamin C, and pomegranate), Eye Mask for sleep (as my eyes sometimes feel burned because using contact lens in long time) and a pink bag handler.
I forgot to make a note each variant when use it. But generally this face mask make my face brighter, less oily face (I have oily type), and soother. I can say it like that because my face is better. I have an acne scar in my face and it lesser after use it because I don't have to use my bb cream more to conceal it. Even if I just use moisturizer, it is not too visible. It has a cool effect too. It has a quite strong smell. I personally don't mind it and not allergic. But if you do, it will bother you a lot. It has enough liquid and in fresh one. And what I love the most is the price! It is only 8.000IDR or around $1 per sheet. It is quite cheap right?
If you ask whether I'll buy it again or not, I am sure I'll buy it again when my mom doing her monthly shopping. Because I don't find it in Century or Guardian.

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